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Lateral vs. Vertical: What Say You?

“Pure lateral or vertical compaction rarely occurs. The vectors of force applied during obturation techniques are an integrated blend of forces and result in composite of forces that are neither true vertical or lateral.” [Pathwyas of the Pulp-7th Ed.]

So, I guess we all pretty much use the same combined obturation technique. Downward force of finger-/hand-spreaders or pluggers and the resultant force moving the obturation material laterally. Some of you have asked me for a demonstration of my obturation technique:

After complete shaping and cleaning, I fit a sealer-coated master cone to 0.5-1mm short of the apex. I then use a heat source (Calamus Dual) and a series of 2-3 pluggers (S-Kondensers) to perform the down pack. Finally, I use the Calamus Dual again to back-fill to the level of canal orifice.

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