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It is ‘Game Over’!

Vertical root fractures (VRF):

  • are associated with endodontically treated teeth.
  • are commonly directed bucco-lingually.
  • are mostly diagnosed by localized probing defects (+/- sinus tract) that are usually present around the fractured root.
  • show periradicular bone loss that is more pronounced in the middle and cervical 1/3 compared to the apical 1/3
  • are not always detectable clinically (they can happen in the apical, middle or cervical area).
  • are associated with the roots that are curved and are wide buccally and lingually but are narrow mesially and distally.

Etiologies: wedging posts, excessive root-dentin removal (using large tapered files, orifice shapers, gates glidden drills, etc.), obturation forces.

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If vertical root fracture is detected in single-rooted tooth, it’s game over.¬† In multi-rooted teeth, other options (such as, root amputation or hemisection) can be considered before extraction.