intentional replantation

A Compromised Tooth is Still a Tooth

February 21, 2017

Endodontic diagnosis for tooth #2-7: previously treated, symptomatic apical periodontitis. Intra-oral examination reveals a wide, 6 to 8mm clinical attachment loss (i.e. probing defect) distal to tooth #2-7 and loss of distal contact due to enamel fracture. A CBCT scan shows intact buccal and palatal bone and a significantly shortened palatal root due to external inflammatory root resorption…

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How can an Apicoectomy Help?

June 4, 2013

There are times when conventional root canal treatment or retreatment cannot heal every periapical lesion out there. Luckily, we have the option of an apicoectomy – which in today’s terms, means microsurgery. During an apicoectomy, the most apical part of the root tip (usually about 3 mm) is removed…

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Tooth #1-6 after root resection

Micro-surgery Works, Macro-surgery Doesn’t.

January 18, 2013

When endodontic surgery (a.k.a. apico, apicoectomy) is indicated, certain steps must be followed in order to ensure a successful outcome. Skipping any of the steps below, specially steps 4 AND 5, may result in failure…

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periapical cemental dysplasia

‘No’ Treatment is ‘The’ Treatment!

August 21, 2012

A patient presented with pain in the lower anterior area. A fairly good-looking and recent root canal (approx. over 2 months old) had been performed on tooth #4.2. Patient’s pain however had been progressively getting worse since the completion of treatment. The pain was not occlusion-related and analgesics had not been helping either…

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